72 Hours to Make a Decision

This is damn simple. I don´t even need to write a whole lot to explain this as plainly as I can. It´s the 72 hour rule to make a decision. That´s it.

Okay, okay. That´s what this is about. Imagine, you have a tough decision to make. Pick one that matches yours the most:

  • Write that damn blog post that has been bugging you for a week.
  • Start working out.
  • Write to that person you know you must apologize to… and you´ve been postponing it for a year.
  • Mop the floor!

We tend to procrastinate because laziness is a part of human character. I mean, I´d rather sit and drink my coffee on the porch reading a book as much time as I could but stuff needs to get done. Remember that step-by-step approach? So even when you really don´t feel like it but you know you gotta do it, here´s what I suggest:

  1. Make a list of things that are at the back of your mind that you know need to get done or resolved. The longer you keep this stuff in your mind without doing anything about it, the more energy gets sucked out of you. Is that what you want?
  2. Pick 2 or 3 the most important ones.
  3. Make a decision – and act on it – within 72 hours.

That´s it. You made a decision to make a decision. Not doing anything about an issue is also a decision!

Let´s say I pick a toughest one to showcase an example: approach that person I think I need to talk to about something that´s been on my mind (I felt guilty of something and it has been bothering me for a year, literally). Day 1: I wrote a letter. Day 2: I typed it. Day 3: I made an attempt to send it and it wouldn´t work. I knew it was a right thing to do but something was stopping me, I just felt it at that very moment. And then it hit me… I had to let go of it! I carried this heavy load of guilt all this time, but sometimes we make an elephant out of a fly and get stuck in our minds. That´s what ad happened to me: at the very moment when I decided to let it go, a sense of relief, lightness and peacefulness came over me. I made a right decision. At least for now.

That 72 hour rule gives you a deadline fetched not too far away to give up and not too soon to have time to contemplate on it.

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com

Now, I don´t advocate for not making a decision in every case, it was just an example from my experience.

That´s it. Use it. Benefit from it. Let that stuff off your mind and clear up the energy for it to flow freely. Well, and I guess you can tap yourself on a shoulder for getting stuff done. Ain´t that a great confidence boost?!


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