Escaping the Time Trap

Have you wondered about how to escape time? It´s always there, each day coming and going, moving faster and faster, leaving you feeling it´s never enough of it. Everyone rushes somewhere, the society pushes us to accomplish loads of stuff, multitasking is something we “must” perfect in order to shine in this life. Yet, all this hurry depletes us, and we find ourselves tired, with no peace inside, secretly wishing we could just be, just live our lives without running around like a crazy chicken. That´s why we love holidays, when we can be ourselves, and strangely enough, it is then when all kinds of wonderful epiphanies come to us and we manage to do incredible things: with our minds and bodies finally being able to rest and slow down and open up for opportunities.

Our culture and society benefit from us being stressed and not living in the moment. Even though all those wonderful books tell us about living in the now, that´s not what is expected of us, and, torn between both ends, we fight with ourselves, living the inner war, just what the outside forces want from us… Instead of living our lives in the most beautiful way with profoundly connected with what lies within that can only be reached when we are calm, we run, run, run and get detached from our spirit and become a mere battery that is constantly squeezed out.

So how do we escape this?

I have figured out a couple of tricks that work for me. Mind you, once you get used to certain tricks, your mind starts fooling you and you need to design new strategies. But try this for starters and then develop your own ways to slow down:

Let go of time. Now this one means simply not looking at your watch or your phone. Put those away. If you know you need to do something in, say, an hour, set the alarm for that time and put it aside. When you aren´t used to not checking the time it might be difficult, but just think of that time trap – by not checking what time it is you don´t play by the rules of the mind trap.

Remember that situation at the office when you worked and all went well and then you looked at the watch and you thought: “Oh man, it´s already 3, I wish I could go home.” Your energy drops, your mood goes down, you feel drained. What if you hadn´t looked at the clock? Mind trap. Just think about that, start putting your watch aside and allow yourself to be in the moment, relax your mind. This will give you more energy and sense of harmony with yourself and all around yo.

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No hurry – live as if you have all the time in the world. I read this tip from Guy Finley´s “Design Your Destiny” book and even though it sounds completely contradictory to what we are used to, it works wonders. Just like when you are on a holiday thinking you still have a whole week ahead of you, same is here: wake up and don´t rush. Now, you can still have an outline of what you would like to get done, but give yourself permission to not hurry and take time to wake up and feel that you have time. It won´t mean that you become lazy and don´t accomplish anything during the day, quite the contrary: it creates a mindset shift where you allow yourself to relax and from that relaxed state you will find that you actually have the desire to do this and that but with no hurry, task by task as they come And one by one you will do those things you gotta do, but in a very different state.

Simply with not checking the time and allowing yourself to live as if you had all the time in the world you´ll notice your day going by more harmoniously with you feeling fresher and still getting things done, even though you weren´t in a hurry. You might even find yourself unable to sleep at a usual hour because you´ll still have energy (omg, where did that come from?!) Try this, see if it works, device your own tactics and maybe you would like to share what you have experienced.


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