Wildfires Attack or What I´ve Learned Over a Month Without Electricity

First the smoke was far away and remained active for two days. Then, one day before dinner, just after I got a parcel from my mom, there awoke a roaring vortex of smoke behind the mountain. It was thick. It was huge. It was alive. And it was moving our way.

The neighbor called and said the town was on fire and then the phone connection broke.

It was three of us at the property and the two of us, including me, rushed to send messages to our loved ones. Just as we pressed “send” button and the messages took off, the internet went.

We rushed to make some coffee for the next day while we still had electricity and started dinner on an electric stove – and then “click”: the power was gone, too.

That evening was stressful: being on a constant alert through the night watching the smoke and the flames; making sure the property was safe, packing for the case we´d have to leave which would have been the last resort: if we´d left, the property would have burned without any irrigation keeping the fire away.

We made it. It was tough: many nights with barely any sleep, having to save whatever food we had left, cooking on a little outside stove, remaining calm and focused and supporting each other.

What I have learnt during the month of no power and almost no connection with the outside world was not a new learning but rather a reminder:

  1. Trust. Trust that all will be well and then it will be.
  • No control. You have no control on the outside circumstances of tomorrow, you can only take care of each single moment perfecting it at its maximum.
  • There are tons of wonderful kind people who are so generous in their help. Friends who do all they can think of to give their support and provide needed resources.
  • The quiet brings time to enjoy yourself but also opens the door to the stuff deep inside to come up. The pain you carry over the years and the ideas of how to heal and let go of this crap.

Each one of us learned our own lessons. I am grateful for what I got out of it, even though it took a while to unwind from all the stress and exhaustion that has accumulated within. The quiet time we usually don´t get as much was wonderful.

And then you´re back to usual: the internet, electricity, being able to chat to your friends and family and the overwhelm of information. Those are a part of our lives that we enjoy so much, but it´s also okay to let go of these. The quiet around and within us provides a dive into a rich and profound well that gives our lives a subtle meaning.

Photo by Spencer Selover on Pexels.com

I´m certainly grateful I got reassured that all turns out well.

Learning doesn´t always come easy, it would be nice if it did, but the fruits of it are quite amazing.

Many people lost their shops and homes, I can´t even imagine what has happened to the wild animals.

I don´t regret this experience. It has made us yet stronger.


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