“Get Your Sh*t Together” – to Get Where I Wanna Get

Got to check this book out after it sat on my e-reader for a few months just like many others. What I see is basically the same old system about getting where you want through outlining your outcome goals and your process goals, then aligning your everyday activities with and moving  step by step, just like you could read about in 3 Books That Turned my Life Around This Year.

It’s all pretty simple, you just gotta read in between the lines and those actual lines, of course. The author maps out very clearly what she did to create a change, so once you see the process, just use it for yourself!

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

I think this book is great because it’s short and simple – if you want to SEE what the author is presenting you with, you’ll take it and use it.

An example she uses?

Saving $ for quitting her corporate job.

To do that she calculates how much $ she needs to be able to do that. It’s a whole year but she’s determined. Then she maps out how much she’ll save per day and marks it on her calendar each and single day. She moves in the desired direction every day, little by little.

My dad told me once «You’re like a little tank – you keep moving, slowly but steady.» 

This strategy doesn’t work for everyone, perhaps. I guess there are people who won’t do even that, and there are those entrepreneurs who’ll just turn everything around and jump on a new venture. In any case, a «Step-by-step» approach works, so I’m glad there’s one more book about this that can possibly help people make a positive change in their lives.

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

Another example? Exercise. Better do 15 minutes a day and start seeing the change in your mind state and your energy level every single day and see those abs in 2 months than doing nothing or giving it all for 30 minutes right away and then leaving it for the rest of the week because it just feels too much.

What’s your goal? What will be your daily steps to get closer to it?


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