Is It the Last Day of Your Life?

Imagine, there is no tomorrow. I know we say something like: “Oh well, maybe the world ends tomorrow”, yet have you ever tried to make this feeling as real as it can be? What if you truly only had this single day left to live?

  • Would you get up grumpy in the morning because you need to go to work you hate? Or would you rather pick up some fresh fruit and tea, go to work and share a few hours of your last day with the people who probably have some incredible stories to share and some great goodness in their hearts that might have gone unnoticed by you?
  • Are you still going to be stressed about trying to get everything done without even enjoying the process? Or will you allow yourself to be in the moment, whatever you do?
  • Would you call up your parents and tell them how grateful you are they gave you life, took care of you and loved you unconditionally?
  • Would you still scream at your kids when they don´t listen? Or could you start communicating, at least on this last day you have with them?
  • Would you whine about your miserable life or live it at its fullest?
  • Would you still blame everyone in your troubles or for once created your own reality? Often times it takes changing attitude from within. Of course, other factors influence your life, but a large part of it is your own responsibility for your own life and your own mind.
  • Would you finally tell that person you´re sorry for the time you had messed up?
  • Could it be the day to finally forgive yourself for the times you have screwed up?
  • If you left this place today, what kind of a mark would you like to leave behind and what would you like to be remembered for?
  • Is that maybe the right day to finally go see the sunset with your friend? I know you´ve been tired all the week and you just don´t feel like crawling out of your house in the evening, but this one last time… would you rather not spend a precious hour with your dear friend looking at something beautiful in the nature, cherishing each other´s company?
  • Could it be worth to spend a day feeling gratitude for all that you have: your wonderful friends, your loving family, all the joys you have experienced, all the resources you have in your life?
  • Isn’t it worth spending the day in peace… in peace with yourself, others and everything around you?
  • Are you still going to be afraid or do what you know is right?
  • Will you tell that person you love them?
  • Will you still care what they think of you? It’s just in their minds anyway.
  • Will you still fear death? Isn’t it time to embrace that great power within and stand up for what you know is calling?
  • If there was no tomorrow, would you consider living today differently?
  • And if there still is tomorrow and you do have time to change something…

…what are you still waiting for?!


2 thoughts on “Is It the Last Day of Your Life?

    1. Thank you Stuart, your comment means a lot to me.
      I was inspired to write this because a couple of days ago I actually imagined it to be my last day around, it even got too vivid, so I had to slow down on imagining that.
      Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts.


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