When we Come Together

When I was writing this last night, we didn´t have any electricity. This was one of the power outages that was caused by devastating flooding on the West Coast of British Columbia. It´s been a few days since the heavy rain turned into a flood. That flood destroyed the roads, cutting us off from most of the towns around us, people lost their homes, animals had to be left behind.

Photo by Ian Turnell on Pexels.com

That´s not the only consequence of that extreme weather that will be blamed on global warming, even though the weather is getting colder and colder each year. This flood affected the farmland which is constantly under attack. Right now the dairy industry was heavily hit. The port of Vancouver has shut down limiting any import and export of goods. The supermarkets have limited amounts of food, people are in panic, and we – well, we are trusting that all will be resolved. And what we also feel is a great appreciation for the people that once again come together to help one another.

We don´t see these people because they have mobilized their efforts in other spots of the West Coast, not far from us. But we hear about them and we see the photographs and video reports of people pulling their efforts together, coming from other places to help those who need support right now.

Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on Pexels.com

Once again we see that the human spirit of love wins over everything. No matter what the ones who create the havoc in desperate desire to separate the people and make them turn against one another, they can´t beat the human spirit, which rests on a kind heart, selflessness, courage and humor.

Our neighbors bought some milk for us and my fried made an apple pie for them. Such little acts of kindness remind us of who we are and of what is important. Although this has been said over and over, it´s worth reminding ourselves of who we are in the times when we turn against one another under a “global threat” which is such a non-sense when the real danger shows up and we come together.

The human spirit and love will prevail. I am grateful for witnessing this happening again.


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