Those Wonderful Early Hours of the Day

Much has been written and said about this, yet I shall also put my words out about this: the earliest hours of the day are crucial. For peace of mind. For your health. For getting stuff done. For doing what you usually can´t find the time for. Are you a morning bird? Can you wake up early? If you do and if this is nothing new to you, you may just stop reading here. And if you feel like you keep trying to wake up earlier for a long time but it still doesn´t work, ask yourself why would you want to do this?

Is there a life project you are working on or want to start doing so and lack time and motivation?

Have you thought of waking up just 30 minutes earlier each day and devoting this additional time to what´s important to YOU?

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I tend to get up around 5, at some occasions sleeping in when I feel too tired to walk around when my alarm clock rings. 😊 I put it far away, – close to the bathroom, – so that I have to be there to turn it off and then I just go and brush my teeth next thing and wash my face with cold water.

Let´s jump to the projects, goals and dreams and how waking up early helps walking in a desired direction. In my other post about 3 Books That Turned my Life Around This Year I mentioned Lifted. I use this system all the time: I have outcome goals and process goals. Now, it´s not like I have concurred the world and am a guru who´s got a million dollar company who´s teaching you how to get all you want, but this system works for me to keep moving step-by-step.

Two of my outcome goals for this month (there are 6 goals in total) include, for example, doing more push-ups in a row (11 to be precise) and having written 30 more pages of the book I´m working on. This means that each day I aim for writing at least 500 words and at least doing a short workout or preferably a full workout. I check in with the process goals a couple of times a week to see what I need to get done to move in the chosen direction and strive to stick to this. The first hours of the day are my time to do this. Because you never know how the day turns out later on. If, however, the most important stuff is done already, I feel more at peace during the rest of the day.

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Sometimes, though what we think is best for us, actually isn´t. We might feel like we know that something is what we want the most is right for us, to find out later on that it wasn´t so. I had to learn to trust that it´s good to focus on a dream but allow myself to trust that my Highest Self knows best and trust it. Sometimes the path to walk towards the goal isn´t the one we imagine it would be, right? Allowing no space for spontaneity takes away opportunity for miracles to come in into our lives.

So, without depriving yourself on sleep and no stress, see how much time YOU need for just a slight increase your daily achievements – to start with. Maybe it´s 30 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of meditation. Maybe it´s 30 minutes of reading a book in another language. Maybe it´s simply 30 minutes devoted to reading a novel that´s been there on a bookshelf since Christmas when your sister gave it to you. Whatever that is – make a plan and get up early to get t done.

That´s what has worked for me since I was 19. Maybe reading this could serve you to create something incredible and new for yourself.

Day by day we can get closer to where we want to be. Have the focus and trust.


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