Something about Self-Confidence?

Or, what I would have loved to know when I was a kid

One day when I was doing my thing, working in the garden, being very focused, I saw myself walking very confidently in my old school. The sun was shining on me. I calmly walked through the hallway and felt this strong sense of peace. And then I realized that those people that are so confident that we respect and look up to for who they are and what they are capable of, their confidence must be exactly about that: being very focused and “out of their minds”. In that way that Socrates told Dan in “The way of peaceful warrior” about: it´s about getting out of the mind.

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When I am thought-less, there is no worry about the future, there is no regret about the past – there is just me, this very moment and what I do. If I write – I write, if I work in the garden – I just focus on doing that. Staying focused requires tremendous practice at times, me included, but that moment of determined action is free of thought. And the thought is what creates that distorted reality that messes everything up: what could have been, what might happen if, and so forth.

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Could it be that a person who feels absolutely confident is just someone filled with peace and calm because they do one thing at a time in a very focused way, not allowing the thoughts to intervene? Being very present and aware of themselves, what is happening around them and within. Could it be that the key to living life easily and happily could be that simple? Isn´t that what the people who accomplish something we admire would usually say: that they just did what they had to do? In that moment of doing that one thing there is no space for thinking, you are one with what you do and with where you are. You get the strength and energy from being united with every single moment that you live.

“Wow!” I thought to myself. Can it be that simple? It sure can. I feel it every time when I am in the moment, I´m sure you have been there time after time, too. Now tell me, isn´t the key to self-confidence that simple that it´s just about being thought-less? Perhaps it might be just that…


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