Why I´m Doing This

When I think of writing, – writing the book I work on, for example, – I think that if I touch the heart of even one single person who will feel their soul nourished and inspired, that´s it, I achieved my goal then. The same goes for this endeavor. When I think of what I put out there into the world through these short blog posts, what I want to bring to you, the reader, is some spark of inspiration, a little note that contains a technique, – perhaps with a dash of my life story, – for thriving in life, in all aspects of it.

I imagine you sitting in your bed or at your kitchen table enjoying your delicious cup of coffee and looking for something on the internet that would inspire you and give you motivation to create your day as a part of your beautiful reality. My aim is to give you simple practical tools that have worked, – and still do so, – for me to be more at peace, content and enjoying the journey. It´s about all of us, humans, living a joyful life and as a consequence creating a beautiful reality for all of us.

I write to uplift you.

I hope I succeed at this. I´m working on it 😊

All those times when I felt stuck or I felt I didn´t know what to do, I looked for clear techniques that would work. The right books came in the right time.

It´s all very simple really. One just needs to want to do something about whatever situation they are in. So, my fellow reader, if you want to create a change, first thing: you must want it. And you must act on it. Magical thinking without any action won´t get you places.

Just like those times I felt pretty down, I knew I had to keep working out in the morning, because it was the only thing that kept me going through the days. And I´m so grateful I did, even though I felt unmotivated, but boy oh oy, was I grateful for more peace of mind after each singe time I did exercise.

What I´m working on is sharing what I have once received from others and from my own realizations: the stuff that helps to keep going, to create a positive change in life when we need it, the stuff that gives motivation to make the next step and clearly show how it can be done.

It´s about simple strategies to create a change that you desire so that you can thrive and enjoy your life. It doesn´t have to be about living in a mansion and having 5 million dollars in your vault. It´s about being happy now, in the process of living. It´s about going within and creating your beautiful reality from that place. Enjoying the journey today.

So, are you still sipping on that coffee? Have you already decided what is the first little thing you can do for yourself NOW that will take you to the next level? Maybe it´s that workout that you keep postponing? Or maybe it´s it cleaning out all the junk food from your kitchen and your car. Or is it making that phone call to your parents and telling them how grateful you are for all they have done for you?

Get up and take that step.


2 thoughts on “Why I´m Doing This

    1. Right on! I know someone who has been trying to write for a long time with nothing ever really written because so far they don´t know WHY they want to write. If your words don´t feel light and one doesn´t have a clear reason to write, then I guess you have chances to stay stuck. But also the timing must be right. One can start at any moment of their life. Thank you for the conversation!


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