Trust Your Revelations

Have you wondered about those grand insights you have, thinking that maybe they are stupid to share with anyone or won´t be considered as worthy? Yet they make so much sense to you, visiting you unexpectedly during the day as epiphanies that you want to hold on to, cherish, contemplate on, leaving you with the feeling that they touch on something very profound within you. Well, just keep them. You don´t necessarily need to talk to anyone about those because often times such things aren´t easy to put in words, let alone when you feel you might be judged or incorrectly understood.

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Your revelations matter to you. They enrich you and your life. They help steer the direction of your life. They are just yours. If you really feel what has suddenly come as the idea that will save the world, tell about it to someone who you know will understand, like your best friend, but don´t let self-doubt take the power of the insights away by talking about those with just anyone.

How do you think did the authors of great wisdom-full books come up with all those ideas? I bet ya much of it come exactly like that: as if out of nowhere, you just gotta keep it, contemplate on it, write it down before it slips away. What I want you to know is that your revelations matter. They don´t necessarily need someone´s approval, yet if they are important to you and make you feel like you have touched on something very deep, stick to it. Write it down, refine it, see what it tells you about you and your life.

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One more thing. Just don´t stick your nose up too high. Yes, your insights are tremendously important, but don´t let your ego create an important persona out of you just because you think you have figured out the most important things in life. There will be more important ideas. And again. To others your insights might seem mediocre but they matter to you for some reason, so just savor them, journal, think how such revelations can make your life better, but don´t get into a trap where you think they you have it all figured out and you´re smarter of ´em all.

Keep what makes your life rich, let those revelations change you and allow them change life around you for something that is more beautiful, kind and filled with peace. Not from the ego of a “smart me” but from loving place within you that was touched by a piece of subtle wisdom.


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