Simple Life and our Culture that Destroys It

As I was sitting by the fire, trying to warm myself up, sticking my hands and nose as close to the wood stove as I could safely do it before burning myself, I was reminded of how simple life can be and how the culture we live in constantly downgrades this. In the two of a few of my favorite books, “The way of the peaceful warrior” and “Tuesdays with Morrie” these thoughts are brought together: our society, our culture always pushing us to run for more, being discontent with little. However, feeling happy with what you have is happiness.

Over and over again I need to un-teach myself from tons of books I´ve read about high achievement. Yes, learning about setting goals and going after them helped me enormously to get where I am (being in the country that I dreamed of and having done some incredible experiences), but it also makes one to always look ahead… and loose touch with the NOW. Where all of life happens.

On the contrary, if the culture, – if it weren´t infiltrated by the elements that want us disconnected from within, sick and miserable, – if the culture promoted being happy with simple life, oh how different life would be. All the stressed out people, all the hurry, all the inability of being relaxed and present in the moment, all the not being there for the most important people in our lives…

I guess, simple life Is what I am learning in this period of my own life right now. I, however, don´t want to make it sound unimportant to have goals and dreams, having a direction in life, because that´s what sets the day, each day. But with that in mind being content with small things makes wonders, allowing us to have a relaxed mind, and opening the space for us to be better people for ourselves and for others.

In the age where such jobs as farming, plumbing, construction have been discredited, how does one appreciate what needs to seemingly be unappreciated? Instead, there must always be something “more”: a bigger house, a newer phone. I don´t think it´s wrong to want to have possessions, it´s our right to have what we want, and we possess abilities to manifest our desires, however, when we only seek for something else, how can we appreciate simply having the fire going and being in the quiet?

I guess it´s yet again about balance: knowing what you desire in life, having your dreams, your direction, and with that in mind enjoying what there is at this very moment. Balance is an act of always looking for it, isn´t it? Yet, once you have found it, why not keep it?


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