How This Journey Began

You know what? When I set out to write this, the idea was actually to write short posts for a blog that would sell. Then, to my surprise, I came to discover that working on a really good and profit generating blog is actually a lot of work. That´s not what I wanted at the time. So I thought to myself “Man, I could spend two hours a day max working on that, but more? The idea is to make it flow, be easy and joyful!”

When I go to a blog I don´t want to read a ginormous article – I basically don´t have time for it! Well, technically I do but I choose to spend it in other ways. That´s why I’d like to focus on short and sweet that suits for all sorts of life situations.

Each time I would write a piece of this I knew I was writing this for myself, too. Or maybe in the first place? Like in those moments when I needed to cheer myself up or give myself an advice on what to do when feeling tired and unmotivated or craving a change.

I hope this will bring you joy, will make you feel lighter, help you grow and reach for your dreams.

Good luck on your life journey and enjoy this one!