How to drag yourself out of a swamp

Imagine you found yourself in a situation where you can’t find a solution to your problem or you feel stuck in the swamp you created. If your life is a swamp right now and you feel depressed, apathetic, tired, – whatever, – you sure could use coach’s help. But let’s say you wanna drag yourself out of the swamp with your own forces. Who said it’s not possible?!

Okay, so here you are not knowing what to do to move one.

Grab a pen and paper, sit down, create an intention to make a change and let’s do this!

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Step 1. See where you are. What is your current situation? Are you enjoying it? What’s going on in your life?

Step 2. What do you want? What is your desired outcome? What is your goal or dream?

Now it gets interesting.

Step 3. Decide by when you want this change.

Step 4. Write down the process.

Let’s say you want to clean your house that is a mess and you can’t make yourself do this, you’re tired, the house is a mess and it’s just getting worse, you feel like you’re not even enjoying being there: Step 1.

What do you want? A beautiful, cozy, good-smelling, shiny home: Step 2.

Step 4. Well, you can decide to clean a half of a room per day. Let’s say you have 4 rooms to clean in a small flat (4 rooms meaning 4 spaces: your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room). In theory that should take you 8 days. Write this down in Step 3.

Back to Step 4: How can you do this in the way you would enjoy? I always think to myself about eating an elephant one piece at a  time 😊 Making small steps that don’t seem overwhelming – better do just a bit every day that feel overwhelmed by the goal and not do anything keeping on procrastinating.

Create a cool process that you will enjoy: turn on energizing music or empowering video; prepare water with a drop of essential oil you enjoy. Grab that cloth and start taking off the dust off your night table. Chances are you will start enjoying this and will get to even clean the window. But even if you don’t – clean that half of the room and you’re done. Next half – next day. Achievable? Sure!

This is nothing novel, but it’s something we can use for anything in life. Sometimes we see our goal or a task in such a way that it just makes us not do anything. It’s unachievable, complex, heavy. Like writing a book. But if writing a whole book looks freaking impossible, writing 200 words each morning sure sounds manageable. And then make it 300. And 500. And take it further step  by step. And when 1500 words become too much, meaning you quit and don’t write for a few days because you created all sorts of justifications not to – come back to those 200 words.

Many things is life are achievable. Let’s dream and let’s create beautiful life getting out of that swamp inch by inch, step by step.

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