3 Books That Turned my Life Around This Year

Okay, technically these are the books I read during the last 9 months. This stuff helped me to:

  • become more peaceful and see the greater picture
  • feel inspired about growing the money I have
  • become more slim and toned 😊
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Book #1: “Lifted” by Holly Rillinger

This is an incredible book that is a guide to a better life physically and emotionally. Written in a light and inspiring style it tells you how to set up a path towards your dreams.

In 3 months I’ve been able to get defined abs (!), write two novellas and get closer to other dreams I focus on.

The book is about physical training: Hight Intensity Interval Training, my favorite! And it shows you how this is one part of your journey to your dream life. The great thing is that you’d create your Dream Board, include meditation and visualization into your day (originally into the workout) and you make your goal list that encompasses different areas of your life.

The cool thing is that you create a pathway towards those goals. And you support that by energizing yourself with workouts and the spiritual aspect of the system.

Holly has this whole system that I adapted to my own needs and I must tell you it works great! I also added taking cold showers and dry brushing to the whole thing because it works great for me to generate more energy.

The workouts energize the body and calm the mind and the rest helps keep the focus on your dreams, so that you have the direction for your life.

I’ve been telling so many people about this book, it’s just incredible!

Book #2: “The Way of Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman

Oh My Gosh! This is THE book. I have made various attempts to read it earlier in my life, but the right timing came last summer when a friend of mine told me it changed his life. As the matter of fact the subtitle of the book IS “The books that changes lives”.

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie “Peaceful Warrior” based on this book. Trust me, the book is way more profound, yet it´s okay to start with the movie.

Right after my friend mentioned the book, I bought a journal and started writing there (what a joy was that after a couple of months of having abandoned the habit). I found peace and realized (again?) that everything is so simple, life is simple, and wisdom is very simple. It’s all within, the book is about going within. These days there are many people who teach all sorts of modalities that are presented in such a complex and mysterious way to make it seem so unique and grandiose, when actually wisdom is not somewhere out there – it does lie within.

This book is my favorite one now and I really recommend it if you have been looking for something inspiring to read. Read it and who knows, maybe it will transform your life, too! And if you have already read it I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

Book #3: “The dog called Money” by Bodo Schäfer

WOW! When I read it I thought “Jeez, how come I haven´t read it before?!” It´s short, inspiring and transformational.

The book is a step-by-step guide to learn making money and to feel excited about it.

It´s a children´s story where the main character is a little girl that finds a talking dog that teaches her about financial success. When I read it, I thought everyone must read it as early in their life as they can. It´s such a simple outline of living a financially abundant life! Just read it and you´ll see.

So there you go. Maybe you will decide to read those maybe you won´t, I did tell you about these 😉


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