Mindmapping Your Goals

Mind maps are colorful, visual and creative. I feel like they help the brain to relax and play. My English teacher showed those o us first. She was a genius really sand had all sorts of methods that no one else I knew used. My English teacher was a very stylish, smart and entrepreneurial woman who had her own teaching system.

Photo by Marko Blazevic on Pexels.com

So, what about those mind maps? Well, it’s a cool visual tool to outline something in a different way than just a linear list of things. They can be used for many processes that can be split into little blocks to make a task feel less “heavy” and more achievable.

Let’s say you’re planning to move, and it looks like a PROJECT. You could do a mind for it. To do so, start by writing “moving to a new studio” in the center. Then we draw a line to the side that says checking the adds. A next line could be packing the stuff. The next one: logistics. Anything you can think of as the next step to get to that new place. You get sort of a “sun” with rays coming out of it with all you think of as parts of that project.

Each line will have its own “tree”: “finding an add” will have “newspapers”, “online platform” (this will have another tree with names of those platforms), “mobile apps” (the same). Logistics might have a tree that would say “a friend with a big enough car”, “planning a day”. And so forth. In such way you´ll outline the whole project in parts that include nearly all the details you can think of and the whole moving process will stop looking cumbersome.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This technique works great for those who are tired of plane writing and want to add a spark of creativity into their planning processes.

What´s your next project? Are you planning to start a garden? Finding a new job? Meeting your soulmate?

How about using a cool mind map for putting this onto a sheet of blank paper to make it a fun, clear and easy to go through process?! Just find some examples in your next browser search and go for it.


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