Why Put It Off for Tomorrow?

Imagine, that one thing is on your mind. Something you know should get done but you don´t feel like doing it. Again, and again. For some it might be doing some exercise. For some – making an important phone call. And for someone it could be making a decision to quit their job. We all have our own items on a real or imaginary list and we procrastinate not to deal with these. Shall we try to get that sorted out?

Strategy №1.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

If it´s one certain thing or activity you need to do and are just procrastinating and thinking and thinking about it, well then… just do it! If you´re now browsing blogs and your social media and checking your e-mails and doing anything BUT, please, stop it. Do you need to work out? Maybe clean your bedroom? Maybe you´ve been avoiding phoning your friend to apologize for something stupid you´d done? If that´s just that one thing that is easier done than not, just get off your butt and get it done! It´s going to cost you more energy to procrastinate thinking of it over and over and trying get it off your mind, than actually doing it.

Strategy №2.

In case it’s more than one simple action, make a list. Write down all the stuff you need to do and pick three items: the one that you can do right now or within 2 hours; another one would be something that you give yourself 72 hours for and the last one would be more time-consuming: something that wouldn’t get done in just one simple action. For the last item to be approached with action, break it in smaller steps. Take the first step TODAY.

Strategy №3.

I know you need time for all the stuff that you need to do throughout the day, and it feels like it’s never ending. Decide what you can do later and what you would like to get done this week. Divide actions among days of your week. Stick to it. Give yourself a week and then you’re done. DO the important stuff that needs to get dene. After all, you can go back to usual after that week.

Yet still…

Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com

Given all of the above I must say that simply being and enjoying life is crucial and often times it contradicts the “to do” mentality. Allow yourself to find balance. If you do what you must in the afternoon, enjoy whatever gives you joy in the evening. If you fill up your day with items from “to do” list today, allow yourself to go easy on yourself tomorrow and enjoy the moment.

After all, if you look back, would you not regret that you were working so hard to get stuff done all day long and missed out on important things, like reading a book having your tea, or meeting a friend or looking at the mountains? Remember the balance. So, get off your but, do that thing you gotta do and then go on and enjoy the day.

Good luck!


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