Trusting Your Gut

I am probably writing this for myself more than for anyone else. Although it might also be that from time to time we all need to reassure ourselves to trust. To know that all will be well. To believe that all will work its way out.

How many times have you found yourself in a “wrong” situation because of a choice you had previously made when it hadn´t felt quite right or didn´t feel 100%? On the contrary, you sure remember the times when you knew you had to make that one choice because it was the “right” one. And so you came to find yourself in the best place you had to be or, – that, too, happens sometimes, – you got yourself into a trouble that had a learning moment in it.

I´m sure you must know that exact feeling I´m talking about: the sensation when you see something and you feel excited about it. You feel it resonating, you know you must act upon it and you feel brave, trusting and just as if you were jumping up in the air.

Isn´t that a beautiful compass of intuition screaming to us: “Yes! Yes!”, – when we encounter just the right thing in life, be it a job ad or a dream that comes to mind out of nowhere.

Right now I am in a situation when I must trust and not rush things, allowing the right opportunity to come. Because I know that something will show up and I will recognize it by that very feeling when the right opportunity meets the intuition that sees it.

I remember a few times when I made choices just because I had to, because I felt time-pressured, money-pressured, people-pressured, and it didn´t make me particularly happy: a so-so job or a university program I applied for because it was the only thing I could do in the foreign country with the given set of circumstances.

At time something feels right, though, and you end up in a crappy spot anyway. Well, I guess those are the learning moments. You find out something about yourself, something about you don´t want in your life, something you need to work through.

I guess I will just tell myself to trust and allow everything to happen in the best possible way. And I wish the same to you, dear reader, because when we trust and let go of hurry, we show the Higher Self, the Spirit, that we do trust, indeed, and it brings us what we need in the right place in the right time.



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