Struggling With the Linear Time

Here we are, five-sensory beings, who perceive time as something moving from yesterday-to today-to tomorrow, and so it goes. It´s comfortable this way: we can plan our days and our lives. Or at least we hope we are in control of these. Living in a linear time gives us a sense of control and consequently, if you have a to-do list and stick to the plan, you can most likely predict what happens in your life next month.

However, since we live in an illusion of knowing how the world works and assume we have control over everything, it comes as a shock when unexpected events occur. We lose the grip of things, we get stressed out and find ourselves in a massive chaos. The thought comes: “if I knew this was coming, I would have…”

We must accept the fact that we don´t know what happens next. Yes, our mind wants to be in control, but in that way it brings us harm. Instead of freaking out when something goes in an unplanned way, and fearing the uncertainty, wouldn´t it give us a peace of mind to allow the time to do its thing? After all, those who have had after-life experiences, say there is no time and space. We could all learn to let go and trust more, me included. Not giving up, but allowing tomorrow to happen in a perfect way.

Haven´t you felt at times the puzzle pieces coming together just in the right way connecting the dots from the past to this present moment? As if you had to go through certain events and encounters to get right here. It´s just that back then you couldn´t see it, because we go from A to B, although deep inside we know that everything eventually works out in the best possible way, – which it mostly does. Inside yourself there is this wise higher self that knows where you need to go.

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Being stuck in linear time prevents us from trusting that everything will work out in just a perfect way and allows space for chaos, hurry and fear. If we´d known the guaranteed successful outcome, wouldn´t we live in a more relaxed and joyful way?

In no case do I advocate for sitting on the couch and waiting for a miracle to happen: we need to make those steps towards our goals and dreams to catch the wave of lucky coincidences. But just breathe and let go when you feel overwhelmed and scared of the uncertainty. Tomorrow you shall see how today had to pan out for it all to turn out just perfectly.


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