They Are Coming to Save You

No, they are not. Whoever that is. Trump, Jesus and anyone else. It’s not about disrespecting someone’s opinions and beliefs, but rather opening up to letting go of the sense of our powerlessness (because someone else has the power to make things better for us, aha) and opening up to embracing our strength and making our lives what we want those to be.

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Funny how religion has “educated” us to believe that there is a god outside of us that we can pray to and that will one day come and get us out of our misery. I don´t argue about the god, I argue about a force on the outside that is there to solve our problems. By the way, has it occurred to you, that the “apocalypse” was very conveniently left as the last part of the Bible where you learn the story of how evil things get and the sh*t really hits the fan and when it can’t get any worse then the most devoted of us will get saved. Same old. It’s not that you have the power withing, it’s a mere preparation of the human mind to be a slave sheep that has no grip of their own life.

Funny how the archetype of Neo in the “Matrix” is just the same – he´s there to save the humanity. Get some popcorn, trust the plan and enjoy the show.

Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, those who benefit from you sleepwalking through your life do whatever they want. Because so many of us don´t want to look inside, where our power resides. It´s easier to trust that you don´t have any power and hope that the government or a hero or whatsoever will make your day. Way easier than taking responsibility for your reality.

Those in power will keep on exploiting on everything they can, just because that´s the nature of the system. Yes, there are exceptions. And no, those people aren´t there to help us. At least, in most cases. No matter how hard we try to stay in the land of “hopium”.

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When you are in trouble your mom and dad won´t always be there. And they don´t need to. Yes, it´s awesome to have your folks’ support, but it can´t always be an escape from facing yourself and your issues.

Yes, taking responsibility can be tough. It´s good to know though you are not alone. Taking steps towards integrity each time creates a change. A change that you make possible. You´re fed up with your job? Change the job or change the attitude. Feeling lonely? Analyze why and see if you can have fun on your own or if you can join a friends club and make new connections. Don´t have enough money? See what you can appreciate in your life now and check if you actually have more than enough. You find yourself in an inescapable political situation? See what you can do differently to shape your life in a more nurturing way right here right now.

No one is coming to save you. You are the creator of your life, the owner of your power and the master of your greatness.


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