We Can´t Live Without Stories

I love stories. I´m sure this isn´t something original to say and probably everyone on the globe or on the plane or whatever the Earth really s, loves stories. Yet, what is it about stories that is so magical, so special?

Last night I remembered my mom reading to me sitting on the side of my bed when I was still little. I can´t remember whether it was when I still couldn´t read,  – because I learnt this skill quite early in life, – but man, did I love my mom reading to me. We had many books. I was always surrounded by books. Still am.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

When I used to be sick at home I loved listening to the radio we had. It was this cool long and blue radio set, made at the local factory that was so famous in the whole Soviet Union, and I somehow tuned it in to the programme about ancient myths and I enjoyed it so much sitting on my bed listening to the man on the radio telling about old times when those incredible civilizations lived their strange lives that didn´t look like ours at all.

Well, of course, I couldn´t let the movies slip out of my sight either. Anything that is a medium of telling a great story is incredible. But the movies do the whole spectrum of impressions for you already, while when reading or listening to a radio play you are left the freedom to imagine the pictures, the smells, sensations in your mind on your own.

And the supreme art of theatre… Why is it that it´s so unique? Perhaps, something about it being “alive” unlike the movies. I guess other “experts” in art already have their answer, but if I start thinking of it, I assume they would say that the specificity of theatre is that it´s a one-time act, even though the actors play the same act many days the whole season, each time is unique and can never be reproduced. Isn´t it about the one and only energy that can be shared between the public and the company, that becomes only yours that day, no one else who sees the play another day will have an exact same experience.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Stories… you will hear people on the TV say that we have always been surrounded by them, since the beginning of times. I still don´t know why we need them so badly. That might be a topic for opening a conversation.

I´m sure you have your own answer to why you care about stories, if you do at all. Do you?


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