About Taking Responsibility

It’s not seldom that we blame whatever and whoever in what doesn’t work in our lives, we whine and vent, we feel angry and sorry for ourselves, and so it goes.

When you don’t take responsibility for your own life, you assume the power lies elsewhere and not within. Or you simply readily give it away… not to take responsibility. Because doing so means facing yourself with complete honestly and doing something about your life. It’s way easier blaming our parents (maybe it’s time to grow up, accept that your parents are who they are and take your life in your hands), or that boss who isn’t appreciative enough (why not change your attitude or change the job?), our government (we might as well try and exercising your rights if you scream for a change). The list continues eternally. Being responsible for your own life means you’ll need to act. You need to understand that YOU create your daily reality. Yes, the ones in “power” push the direction but it’s us executing what they push through, being politics or spirituality.

Photo by Lukas Rodriguez on Pexels.com

You still keep venting about that jerk told you last week? Why do you waste your energy on that when you could rather use it to create something incredible, like going for a run or play with kids or anything that makes your heart sing. Instead of bringing your frustration home where your loved ones will listen to you. Although trust me, when it’s a daily habit, they will have enough of it one day.

Then there are difficult times in the world. I mean, sure, we need to adjust, but don’t tell me because it’s difficult times and you’re too old and you don’t have the right papers there are no opportunities for you.

And how about taking responsibility for others? Well, this is a contrary situation. An example is a friend of mine who keeps supporting his relative financially, while that relative is a grown up man who can go and work, but him knowing that my friend is always there and can be counted on, well, sure he’s not that active in looking for jobs. And there is a slight chance my friend feels some empowerment from that situation, too, because someone needs her. But what if she just quits doing that and that relative gets a job and starts making money of their own? I bet ya that would make them empowered. Their own money that THEY earned. And as for my friend, well, I’m sure she could use that extra couple hundred bucks for something cool like a new bike or music records.

Photo by riciardus on Pexels.com

People who take responsibility work on being sincere and they know what they want. Would you like to be that kind of person? It’s tough but it’s worth it.

If you want to be the driver of your own car of life, what’s the first thing you could do? What’s that issue that needs resolving? What’s that dream or a project that you could start bringing into reality by outlining a plan and taking steps to get from point A to B? Is it you creating your reality or will you float in whatever is created while you refuse being the master of your thoughts, actions and life in its totality?


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