Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

In search of balance, I often stumble across the voice in my head telling me “Simplicity”. When I make things too complicated for myself, have too much on my to-do list, feel overwhelmed – I hear this word and know that it´s time to take a different kind of action. Very simple action. Simplifying my life.

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Here´s what I works to let go of the mind chatter and take off some weight off the shoulders:

One thing at a time

Does doing one thing at the time sound too usual? It does, right? Well, here´s what you can do. Decide what is the most important thing right now. Does it have a positive impact on your life long-term? Is it something that is absolutely necessary to get done NOW? Do just that one thing. Allow all other items on your list to be forgotten for now. Immerse yourself into focusing just on that one thing and do it with calm. When it´s done, feel if you want to tackle the next item or if you maybe need a break.


That ties up to the previous idea. If you are overwhelmed and can´t do anything because of too much noise and stress, do something different. Better even, something completely different. Like drawing with your hands, working out, dancing with the music playing in your headphones, going to the nearest natural water resource and jumping into the cold water. Anything to get out of the same old.

Go Physical

I know I mention working out so often, but it works, otherwise I wouldn´t write about it. Doing something physical has a grounding effect. Especially when done in the morning, the rest of the day will allow you to experience more inner peace.

Being active can also be gardening or anything you do with your body, whatever it is that can get you out of your overwhelmed state of mind.

Less coffee

Yes, a little less coffee can help. If you have 2 mugs a day, make it 1, or even half a mug. Just for a few days to let your nervous system come down. Have chamomile tea in the afternoon to unwind.

Do the easiest things first

This contradicts the usual advice on effective living, but it works for me to calm down, so maybe it could for you, too. How about finding 3 items on your list that are the quickest to do? Obviously, I don´t suggest writing down brushing your teeth to just tick that out, but maybe it´s a phone call that can be quick, or doing a 15 minute relaxation that you planned for the day, or maybe it´s washing dishes. You figure it out. Sometimes getting essential things done that are quick to do can help empty that to-do list and make it look more manageable.

Whatever works for you, have simplicity in mind. Life is too beautiful to walk past it without even having the time to enjoy it´s beautiful moments. After all. John Lennon has put it right: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”. So, take a breath, keep it simple and take it easy.


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