Eat a Frog the First Thing

You wake up and don´t feel like doing anything. You´d rather stay in bed, sip on your hot coffee from a huge mug and daydream. Or perhaps read a cozy and intelligent detective story about Hercule Poirot doing your best not to think of that one thing you sort of should do but rather put it off for as long as you can today. Something like workout you know will make you feel good after you have done it. But right now you just feel too tired and want to stay cozy. Maybe you need to send out another job application, but oh boy, is that too much: shouldn´t it all just get arranged by a lucky chance and you would have a job of your dreams…

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Whatever it is that will bring fruition on the long run, it can often times feel impossible to do. Even when it´s just one step at a time every, or nearly every, day.

I´m not a huge fan of Brian Tracy, who has written tons of motivational books. For me he´s too “American”, too “corporate”. However, I read one of his books when I was 18 and one particular advice there stuck with me. It´s about “Eating a frog the first thing”. This is how it works.

That one important item on your to-do list is likely to be put off. We tend to procrastinate, that´s how we are. Yet, instead give it a shot and do that one thing first thing in the morning. Try it. Do it at least 3 days in a row. Even better if you manage to keep on going for a week if it´s not a one-time thing. I guess you get that sticking to it will help you form a habit.

Even if it´s a one-time thing, give it a shot and do it VERY SOON after you wake up in the morning. You know what happens after that? A feeling of relief will be your gratification. It will be profound. It will make you feel you have done the most important thing for the day and can now relax and enjoy. You don´t have to do anything anymore – you can choose to – but you don´t have to because the most important item on your list is crossed out.

It can be tough. But it brings wonderful results in a form of peace of mind. Uff!

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What is it that you rather not do but know you better should? Get ready for tomorrow and right after you wake up, brush your teeth and wash your face with cold water, have your warm water with lemon or tea, go and do that thing! And then you´re done. The chances are you will feel a sense of lightness and fulfillment.

What are you waiting for? Go eat that frog 😊


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