Create Your Own Weekly Challenge

What is it with those challenges that really make us go? I guess, it´s about others who know what we´re up to and when we must report to them, well, it would be quite a shame to fail. Other people´s opinions are still important to us, right?

Well, why not have your own challenge without having to depend on opinions of others?

´m in the middle of  my own challenge that no one needs to know about (well, now you will), and it´s a plan to workout every single morning without skipping a day. Each single day. Just this week (usually I skip a day or two). Sometimes it´s so pleasant to sit in bed and read instead of moving sipping on coffee instead of moving. 😊

If we have enough will power (ask yourself if you do) – there´s no need in telling anyone about what we´re planning to take on. With more challenging goals it is a good idea to put it out though. When I took part in a “Hell week” challenge I had a goal of going for a 45-minute run for the first time in my life (I know it doesn´t sound that big of a thing now, but back then it was for me). According to the rules of the challenge whoever took part in it committed to post daily about their successes and struggles on their social media accounts. That part was tough because it meant exposing myself. However, I got over it.

This time the challenge is only for me and it´s exciting! I have a whole list of things I plan to do for a week and maybe it might be helpful putting it out here for you to check if I stick to my commitments. Here it is (besides the workout challenge):

  • During a week, – starting of today, – I won´t have a second serving at dinner. Sometimes dinner is so cozy and delicious that I just want to have a little bit more, however, I know that less can be enough. So I´ll stick to this for a week. Wish me luck.
  • As of Wednesday, keep publishing one post (whatever it is) a week. Why? I feel I grow through experience, plus it helps integrating a habit, so here it is.
  • The toughest one. Skip having coffee for a week… starting coming Monday. I could use some support here 😊 I´ve had periods of time without this delicious drink and this time I suppose it´s a good way to put my willpower to work. Will you hold your fingers crossed for me?
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Uff! Now it´s official.

Have you ever done such challenges? Not just telling one single friend who forgives you if you don’t stick to it, but putting it out on the internet or telling 3 people instead of one, for example? Or do you feel like there´s something you´ve been willing to get done for a long time and a challenge for yourself could be an inspiring way to do that? Do you feel like setting a goal and moving towards it for “just” one week? You don´t even need to tell anyone. But make a commitment to yourself. Do you have what it takes?

Feel like joining me on this journey?


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