When Doing the Right Thing is a Tough Choice

Yesterday I was facing a dilemma: I had to contact a person A and send them certain information that would make them furious. I could have also not do that. But I knew their health was at stake, so I had to make the choice. I sent an email with the information seeing the worst-case scenario in my mind where the person A tells me to never send them anything like that again and would maybe not talk to me for some time.

Then I thought to myself: “If they choose to shut down from me just because of one video – it´s their choice. It´s also their choice about what they put inside themselves without doing a proper research.” I didn´t want to face a situation where they´d tell me something like: “Why didn´t you tell me?” But all the information is out there, and they are responsible for what they do to their health.

If the information makes that person think even just a bit, which maybe would lead them to investigating what they are about to take, well, maybe it could mean they´d reconsider and doing something good for their own life.

On another hand I had to admit that it´s their choice and I must accept it, whatever the choice is. Everyone lives their own life the way they choose to.

I thought of some incredible people who did what they knew was right. Did Martin Luther King doubt when he stood up for what he knew was right? Did others who knew their lives or their freedom are at stake did not push through? Think of all the whistleblowers who risked their careers and even more than that but couldn´t keep quiet. Thanks to those people we now know what was hidden from us. Sometimes we face a tough choice and in this case my situation isn´t even that big of a thing compared to what some of great people went through.

I shall say that these days when we live in a sci-fi world, people face many difficult situations when they need to choose between “safe” and “right”.

I´m not preaching anything and I´m not putting myself out there trying to be an example. I just wish I would always choose for integrity. I hope you, dear reader, have what it takes to do the right thing. Even if it´s a small act. You will know it deep within. And you know what? We all have what it takes.


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