Keep Asking Questions! Like a Question “Is Earth Really Flat?”

I know this might sound silly but the whole idea of flat Earth is very interesting because it´s something we´d usually discard as BS, but when you start looking into it and you get your info from people who are into science and know their talk, man oh man, you start wondering about this and you start having all those questions!

Flat Earth concept is a great example of having more questions than before and that´s great! I´ll tell you what happened and how the whole thing came up to get into this post.

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My friend and I bumped into a documentary about flat Earth by “accident”. Then we got curious and started to investigate. We found more information about this topic and finally got to see the experiment that proved there is no sought curvature of the Earth when there must be one. We looked at each other with our eyes wide open and felt our paradigm shifted. When we started watching stuff about flat Earth we were just contemplating and asking ourselves about how that could possibly work. The more info we came across the more quiet we went. When we finally saw that laser experiment that´s when I thought for myself that I really don´t know right now. I mean, 99% of people will tell me I´m silly, but I think it´s great to contemplate on this!

The major thing is I started asking questions. And I guess that´s the most fascinating thing: we take so much in the world just as it is without asking how it all works. Sucked into a swamp of work-home life, living in the smartphones and netflix, with our minds narrowed by day-to-day life.

Anyway, what I´m trying to say is ASK THOSE QUESTIONS.

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Why do the stars stay in the same positions and seem to rotate around “the clock”?

Why does certin desease not affect the giant store chains?

Why don´t we believe in ourselves and reach for more?

Why don´t we go within and SEE that life is very simple?

Why do we not investigate what does us harm and keep doing that harm to ourselves?

Why do we trust what the telly bombards us with without doing our research?

Who created humans?

Why am I limiting myself with my comfort zone and why not go into the fear and learn what could work differently for me?

Is the Earth Flat or round?! 😊


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